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I don't think so. 

Normally a verification an flattr is given by the fact, that a flattr button on a regular website can only be included by the owner (or webmaster) of the site. But since this link was not posted on an official soup.io channel or website, but by a random user (in this case you), chances are that it was never really created by @c3o or the soup.io team, but is just a fraud to get the money of overcredulous soup.io/flattr users. 

Also the link to the soup.io twitter channel in the description of the flattr account (soup_io's "things") could have been set up by anyone (Afaik there is no login data required to link to a twitter account). And since the payout of flattr money is realized via paypal (which is not associated with twitter), there is no chance that flattr.com could verify if the person receiving the money really is the owner of the twitter channel/"thing" or just a virtual snatcher.

tl;dr: As long as this link has not been posted on the official soup_io twitter channel or any other official soup.io channel, i would not recommend anyone to flattr this.

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